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The Wisdom We Carry
In a planned series of books, we're looking at the wisdom our elders impart to us.

In this first of the series, we're examining the mother/son dynamic, and we'd like to hear from men what advice they received from their mother or maternal figure that had the most impact on their lives.

This is personal, so we're not looking for something you read in a book or heard from a person outside your direct sphere.
Regardless of what age you were, what message did you receive that still guides you today?
What valuable lesson did you learn from her words?

The second book in this series will be the paternal figure/daughter generational wisdom, and if you'd like to send us submissions in the meantime, please feel free!

Send your contribution to The Editor at

Call for content open now!

"I'M FROM HERE"  will be a single-issue book, with a compilation of short stories from people around the world, telling their story of origin. Anecdotal, funny, tragic, exciting, interesting, the book will encompass the global human experience, and celebrate family and home.

To submit your story, please email the Editor at or use the CONTACT form. If you have appropriate photograph/s to accompany the story, please submit via WeTransfer or similar program.

Photo: Leigh Barrett

Photo: Leigh Barrett

Here's an excerpt from the contribution by Laura Harris, USA:
Everyone was born somewhere and everyone lives somewhere. For me, it’s the same place- the city of Eugene, in the state of Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. When I was born, Eugene had about 30,000 residents. Today it’s closer to 130,000. It took 60 years and a whole lot of farm-land given over to suburbs to add that additional 100,000 people.

Like many of my age living here, I was born into a deeply blue-collar family, sprung from parents who came here from the Midwest. My mom came from North Dakota and my dad from Michigan. For mom’s family the motivation was simple: they were poor and hungry and the dirt in North Dakota had little to offer them for income or food. The motivation for my dad’s family was much less simple.

My dad’s family came here because they were running away; running away from the mob and somewhat paradoxically, also running away from the Feds. It was a crazy thing, having to run from both the bad guys and the good guys, but my grandfather had managed to upset both factions and place himself —and by proxy, his family— in serious jeopardy. The mob wanted my grandfather dead and the Feds wanted him behind bars. As far as he was concerned, he had no choice but to run as fast and as far as he could, and take his family of seven kids and a wife with him.

They arrived in Oregon in a black-market Cadillac decorated .....

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