I've built my career in two industries that are beneficial to a company that requires intelligent, thoughtful, and mature leadership. I'm used to wearing different hats - from financial to editorial - and have also been an enthusiastic team player and manager. I am as comfortable working independently as I am in the middle of a team.

On the surface, those two fields may seem an odd combination, but all forms of project management involves leadership, team players, budgets, and creative thinking so, with skills in both financial management AND media, it actually makes a great combination - and there aren't many people who can bring such a well-rounded background to a company.

CURRENTLY: I lead a community group in the Far South of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. It is an area with a rich history and is a microcosm of the complexities of the country. 'Revamp The Valley' is busy gathering people who want to create a better future for the area and are engaging in greening open spaces, assisting in homeless initiatives, food gardens, and an aesthetics plan. I also work as a sub-editor for a South African travel and lifestyle publication.



2015 – 2017: Perspective Publications, Cape Town, South Africa

·         Solicit content from global network of writers and renowned photojournalists.
·         Journalist- source, research, and write articles on diverse topics.
·         Layout Editor (Adobe InDesign).
·         Website and Graphic Developer (Adobe Illustrator; Photoshop).
·         Develop and maintain two websites (Squarespace).
·         Upload and distribute print (full color and black/white) and digital versions (Amazon, Kindle, and PDF).
·         Create promotion and marketing campaigns on Mailchimp.
·         Provide trusted secure escrow service to freelance writers and photographers at Skambha Village.
·         Featured in Fair Lady magazine, February 2017


2010 – 2016: Media, Information, International Relations and Humanitarian Affairs Journal (MIPJ), New York/Oregon            

·         Executive Producer and Host of online radio shows for International Information Policy Foundation (“MIPJ”) focusing on global humanitarian issues. Functions included researching topics, conducting interviews, transcribing, recording and audio editing. Audio editing and mixing on SoundForge software. 
         Wrote accompanying blog to support topics covered on the radio show, including stateless populations, indigenous people; stigma of incarceration, and more.
·         Researched and wrote editorial content for MIPJ print and digital journals on diverse subjects, including climate change, infectious diseases, Bosnian conflict.
·         Conducted interviews for print on various subjects including water management, photojournalism, indigenous people, and cowboy poetry.


1998 – 2012: KRVM 91.9fm, Eugene, Oregon

·         Programmed and presented weekly music radio show, “Women In Music”, as well as many other genres.
·         Introduced world music to KRVM’s schedule, programmed, produced and hosted “New World”.
·         Trained new on-air talent in studio production and presenting techniques.

2000 – 2009: KWVA 88.1fm, Eugene, Oregon

·         Researched, wrote, recorded, and produced, including all audio mixing, weekly 30-minute news show, “Africa Digest”, covering news and current affairs from Africa.
·         Programmed and presented world music and electronic music radio shows.


1999 – 2002: KVAL-TV, Eugene, Oregon

·         Covered all television studio functions: teleprompter, cameras, and studio/floor direction for evening news broadcasts.
·         Trained all incoming staff in studio functions.


1988 – 1989: Hillbrow Herald, Johannesburg, South Africa

·         Wrote full-page column for weekly Johannesburg newspaper

Interviewing staff at Market Theatre, JOhannesburg

Interviewing staff at Market Theatre, JOhannesburg


1984 – 1987: SABC-TV, Johannesburg, South Africa

·         Assistant Producer, Network news magazine programme. Co-nominated for national award with Producer for documentary on Aids in Africa.
·         Recruited by team starting “Good Morning South Africa”, for first morning television show as news writer, then Assistant Producer.
·         Freelance television inserts for Good Morning South Africa, featuring a South African Inca expedition, satirist Caspar De Vries, and more.



2010 – 2015: Symantec, Springfield, Oregon, USA

·        Accounts Payable, Bank reconciliations, Oracle Accounting software, various projects specific to Symantec.
·        Organised and managed annual learning conferences for Finance Division (150 pax)


2008 – 2010: Independent Contractor (Part-time) to various small business and non-profit clients.


2006 – 2008: Simply Blues Food Marketing, Los Angeles, California
2002 – 2006: Qualmax, Eugene, Oregon
1999 – 2002: Huckleberry Fence, Eugene, Oregon

·        Administered company books and provided individual oversight of additional accounts.
·        Individually responsible for Accounts Receivables and Payables.
·        Completed bank reconciliations for business and individual accounts.
·        Created accounting, file management, and office systems, policies, and procedures.
·        Full supervisory responsibility for multiple staff members in several divisions, including hiring, human resource management, training, and disciplinary action up to dismissal.
·        Processed timesheets and liaised with payroll specialists; calculated and paid broker commissions, rebates, and bill-backs.
·        Created company accounting systems using QuickBooks, Quicken, and NetSuite.
·        Built strong relationships with customers and vendors.
·        Designed filing and archiving systems to promote an efficient office environment.


1995 – 1998: Investec Bank Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa

·        Corporate Finance Division: Managed funding facility financing the purchase of new stock exchange listings. Built the portfolio from 90 clients to over 400 in less than 6 months, and became the highest earner for the division in that period.


·        Organized numerous cultural and music events, including a benefit concert for KRVM that raised over $10,000 in membership fees, and a variety of South African cultural events, for which I did all planning, designing, catering, and hosting.


·        Microsoft Office Suite (Windows and Mac): Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Publisher.
        Accounting: QuickBooks, Oracle, Quicken, NetSuite.
·        Data Management: SAP.
·        Adobe Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements.
·        Audio Editing: SoundForge, Cool Edit, Media Touch, and Wave Cart.
·        Internet, social media

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Skambha Village: www.skambha-village.org

Perspective Publications: http://perspective-publications.com/

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LinkedIn: https://za.linkedin.com/in/leigh-barrett-a264a61a

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