Odin - Synopsis

From the creation of the world of the gods to Ragnarok, the catastrophic end of times, ODIN introduces us to vivid and thrilling characters; Odin, Thor, Freyja, and the arch nemesis, Loki.

This production has the added potential to be an extravaganza with giant puppetry, unique lighting effects, and digital projection technology to bring Norse mythology to life, with the help of powerful music by Norwegian dark-folk group, Wardruna, and the legendary Robert Plant.

In Act One, we learn how everything was created and Odin’s role in organizing the 9 worlds.  His relationship with the golden goddess, Freyja, as they make their way through various challenges is complex, mutually beneficial, and also completely self-interested.

Act Two takes the audience through the events leading to the explosive end of times, Ragnarok.

Odin is no ordinary god: he has no concern for convention or the stereotypical roles so important to old Germanic tradition, and feels no hesitation in overturning the masculine ideal in his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

Duration: 97 minutes



Initially known for his career with rock band, Led Zeppelin, ROBERT PLANT has continued an exceptionally successful career as a solo artist for over 40 years.  In 2001, Plant dove into world music, combining his unique voice and love of Celtic stories with musicians from North Africa.  ODIN is an effort to take Robert Plant’s Celtic roots from North Africa to Norway, with the inclusion of Wardruna’s traditional Viking folk sound.

 A Norwegian musical project founded by Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik in 2003, WARDRUNA has introduced Viking folk as a genre in the world music lexicon.  The mesmerizing sound of traditional instruments, throat singing, and singing the runes in Old Norse tongue, makes their music hauntingly beautiful – and yet listening to Wardruna’s “Fehu” alongside “Battle of Evermore” makes it entirely possible that Wardruna could be the grandchild of Led Zeppelin.

They have contributed music to the History Channel’s series, “Vikings” and continue to entrance audiences with their unique style.

The opportunity for these artists to collaborate, and create a new sound for both their audiences, is now possible with this production.