PhotO courtesy: Dance For All, Cape Town

PhotO courtesy: Dance For All, Cape Town


STRUT is a publication dedicated to South African dance.


STRUT features essays, op-eds, articles, photos, discussions, academic writing, video, livestream events, and more.

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STRUT is a digital, multimedia publication, featuring articles,
photography, and video.

STRUT will be available for download on any Kindle device, laptop or desktop computer. Formats available as a Kindle file or PDF. 

MULTI-LINGUAL - we recognize English is not everyone's first language, and accept content in any of the country's 11 official languages. For those submitting content in languages other than English, we do request a translation to be placed alongside the original.

INTERNATIONAL - You don't need to be in South Africa to contribute. Looking for some incredible dancers? Got something to sell? Would you like to share your knowledge and experience? We live in a global village - and you are welcome to share our space in it.

CONTENT PARTNERSHIPS - We welcome sharing content with any dance organization or arts publication in South Africa.

BLOGS - We will make space available for regular contributors to send blog posts.

ACADEMIC - Go deeper! Academic writing will always have a space, so if you want to take deeper dives into examining the state of dance in South Africa, start writing. We don't specify word count, and will give you the space you need to express yourself.

ISSUES? No, not issues of STRUT, but the very real issues that can plague dance in South Africa. What are some of the problems? How can conditions improve? We want your ideas and an open discussion. An online forum will be made available to those who wish to discuss the state of dance today. This will be moderated, and hosted by approved contributors. Public comments sections will be made available.

LIVESTREAM & VIDEOS - To be a fully integrated, multi-media publication means STRUT is looking for videos and shall be producing livestream events. Videos can include profiles of professionals, a short and specialized dance class, interviews, behind-the-scenes, live reviews of performances, and more.

COMPETITIONS - Do you have items, free classes, or even scholarships to offer competition winners? Get in touch!

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The Wisdom We Carry
In a planned series of books, we're looking at the wisdom our elders impart to us.

In this first of the series, we're examining the mother/son dynamic, and we'd like to hear from men what advice they received from their mother or maternal figure that had the most impact on their lives.

This is personal, so we're not looking for something you read in a book or heard from a person outside your direct sphere.
Regardless of what age you were, what message did you receive that still guides you today?
What valuable lesson did you learn from her words?

The second book in this series will be the paternal figure/daughter generational wisdom, and if you'd like to send us submissions in the meantime, please feel free!

There are as many fascinating stories as there are people to tell them, and we're looking for yours. Submit yours to us through the CONTACT form, or by emailing us at

We are looking for essays, articles, reviews, art, cartoons, that focus on women from anywhere in the world, who work to improve the lives of women, who honor the contribution women have made - to history, to society, or to their families. Whether you are a dad raising daughters, a politician or activist in any country, or you have a deep interest in an historical figure, share your interest and your story with us!
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We're busy working on the next issue of PERSPECTIVE: AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST - a journal of current affairs, issues, op-eds, photojournalism, covering the African continent and the Middle East region. Visit the Perspective website here.

PERSPECTIVE: AFRICA is a quarterly journal of essays, photojournalism, reviews, and other content, focusing on issues relating to the continent of Africa. The focus remains on current affairs and humanitarian issues, rather than politics, and since we don't cover breaking news but rather do a deeper dive into topics, the journals are never outdated.

The print issues are available in full color as well as black/white, and the digital issues (full color) can either be purchased from Kindle, or as a PDF download from the Perspective Publications website.

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All issues are now available on (and all global Amazon sites), CreateSpace eStore, as well as digital downloads (full color).  Ask how to get your free copy of the March digital issue. 

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Do you know someone in or from Africa who is doing extraordinary work in their community, often going unrecognized, and yet changing the face of their street, their neighborhood, their community, their country? We often hear of the work done by those like Elon Musk, or even Charlize Theron, but at the grassroots level, there are many unsung heroes. If you know of any, please send them our way so we can feature them in ongoing features in Perspective Publications, and give them the recognition and support they deserve.

At Skambha Village, we do our best to support worthy non-profits who are doing excellent work in lifting their communities. One such is the Cape Town organization, Dance For All. Founded in 1991 by Philip Boyd and prima ballerina assoluta, Phylllis Spira, Dance For All has taught 17,000 young, disadvantaged students various styles of dance, and in the process, providing a safe and stable extra-mural program in areas often infected with poverty, gangs, and drugs.

Over 50 of their students have gone to promising careers in dance, and all have life skills that they will take with them forever.

We honor Dance For All's efforts. Should you wish to donate to their work, and ensure their continued survival:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Rondebosch, South Africa
Account Name: Dance For All
Account Number: 104 805 5205
Branch Code: 104-809
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ