As part of PERSPECTIVE PUBLICATIONS, Skambha Village focuses on the general creative arts side,
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and a trusted escrow service to freelancers who often struggle to get paid for their work, and more.

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DANCE: Librettist and Dramaturg: Leigh Barrett writes narrative dance productions that come in the form of a detailed script, with suggested music. Artistic Directors and choreographers are welcome to peruse the offerings immediately available, request more information, or ask Leigh to write something especially for them. Not every choreographer is a story teller - we can do that for you. How you present that story is entirely up to you. Dramaturgy is a skill that most dance companies are still discovering, but can include research, analysis, and recording the production process (which is where experience in editing newsletters comes in handy!).

BLOGS: Whether you're starting out in blogging and still setting up your site, or you're simply looking for an additional place to write, we can host your work!

PHOTOGRAPHY: We will feature selected photographs from your portfolio as an added promotional tool for you - and then promote your work across our own social media platforms. If you have photos suitable to sell as stock images, we can include them on the Perspective Stock Images site. You set the price, and get 75% of the sales revenue.

A passionate writer, music lover, and dance aficionado, Leigh combines all three into strong narratives that can be used in ballet, modern dance, or however you move!

Horst Koegler, the great German ballet and opera critic, wrote: "(Being) dra­ma­turge, li­bret­tist, cho­reo­grapher, and stage director, is an im­pos­sible bur­den that is still commonly prac­ticed in ballet. It cer­tainly could also be blamed for the rapid wea­ring out of our cho­reo­gra­phers’ core power for making bal­lets, simply be­cause they are phy­si­cally over-­chal­lenged. Today, nobody would expect an opera composer to write the libretto, compose the music, rehearse the parts with the singers and the orchestral musicians, and also mount and conduct the opera. Yet all this is expected quite naturally of today’s choreographers, whether the great Balanchine or the little Miss X in the middle of nowhere."

This is a chance for Artistic Directors and choreographers to take a little weight off those shoulders, and get a story crafted for you.



Skambha Village is offering a trusted escrow service to all freelance journalists, photographers, and others who often struggle to get compensated for their workWe create a separation of duties between your client and you, and no work can be released until the freelancer receives payment. Please contact us for more information.

The VILLAGE TEAM is a place for freelance professionals to market themselves, either individually or as part of the Village team. Team members are invited to submit a sample of work, a bio, and a photograph and complete as much information as possible on the ENQUIRY FORM so we can best assess the services we need to offer. Membership is free but limited so members don't get "lost in the crowd".

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The Wisdom We Carry
In a planned series of books, we're looking at the wisdom our elders impart to us.

In this first of the series, we're examining the mother/son dynamic, and we'd like to hear from men what advice they received from their mother or maternal figure that had the most impact on their lives.

This is personal, so we're not looking for something you read in a book or heard from a person outside your direct sphere.
Regardless of what age you were, what message did you receive that still guides you today?
What valuable lesson did you learn from her words?

The second book in this series will be the paternal figure/daughter generational wisdom, and if you'd like to send us submissions in the meantime, please feel free!

There are as many fascinating stories as there are people to tell them, and we're looking for yours. Submit yours to us through the CONTACT form, or by email

Perspective Africa and Middle East is a journal providing context to the issues of two very important regions and includes essays and photojournalism of an exceptional caliber.
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Skambha Village is thrilled to host the "Give Your Writing The Edge" monthly newsletter, compiled and published by Silke Heiss.

Silke Heiss has written educational materials, novels, a verse novel published serially, short stories and poems. She has mentored a number of published novelists, one of whose books received an honourable mention at the 2008 New York Book Fair.



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Read about JD Oosthuizen's beautifully illustrated, text-rich children's book, MEEKO and the Malefic Morphis on his Skambha Village page, or click on the image below to visit the Meeko website..